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About US

About US

The Mita Travel is an ever growing travel agency with 23 years of experience and constant presence in the tourism sector. All these years of experience are an important and useful guide for us and our partners that we have now gained all of those capabilities needed for a full service and our total response to the individual needs of every person.

We are pleased to inform you that our offices are between the Olympus (the famous mountain of the twelve gods known throughout the world from Greek mythology) and one of the most beautiful sandy beaches throughout Greece, Olymbus Riviera near Olympic Beach.

In particular we are at the center of the Olympic Beach of Pierias where you can easily find us and look for any information that concern your holidays.

It is significant to mention that we are just 80 km from the co-capital Thessaloniki and the airport and that we have partners all over Greece.

The experience and expertise of our team are two very critical factors that can make your holidays unforgettable!

Do not hesitate in any way to contact us for any information or cooperation.



Mita Travel ServicesThe Mita Travel offices operates in the tourism field since 1987.

Organizes and conducts tours specially designed for schools, associations, clubs, sports teams.

Leased hotels - rooms and in cooperation with TOUR OPERATOR put through tourist holidays as well as organized day trips to various destinations throughout Greece.

Conduct special interest programs, travel to and from the airport and elsewhere, organizes trips to attractions throughout Greece with expert guides as well as bus tours and study tours.

Also offers foreign exchange services, western union, car rentals, hotels, guesthouses, apartments and hotels even air and ferry tickets.

Stratos Chalkidis & Konstantinos Simopoulos

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